Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is WIDA for Teacher Education?
WIDA for Teacher Education is a membership program for higher education faculty and instructors preparing preservice teachers for culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. Members receive one year of web-based access to a variety of resources from annotated references, readings, student vignettes, activities, videos, and more. Membership also includes discounted registration for the WIDA National Conference and the opportunity to join virtual meetings with other members, WIDA staff, and invited guests. Institutional members can enroll their preservice teacher candidates in the course, allowing them to complete the certification quizzes prior to graduating from your program. This option is available to individual members for an additional cost.

WIDA intends to expand this program to include additional professional learning offerings, such as face-to-face workshops for higher education instructors, virtual consulting or presentations from WIDA staff, and new resources that will be available to members through the WIDA for Teacher Education website.

Learn more about these and other benefits of becoming a member.

Is WIDA for Teacher Education a course? A syllabus? A curriculum?
No. WIDA acknowledges that higher education programs nationwide are unique in their approaches to preparing educators to serve culturally and linguistically diverse students, and different faculty/instructors are involved in this in different ways. Some member faculty and instructors teach entire courses on language development, whereas others may be looking for supplemental materials to incorporate into courses on assessment, mathematics methods, or literacy, for example. Some may be joining to expand their own knowledge and awareness of WIDA or language development and/or to network with others who do similar work nationwide. WIDA for Teacher Education was designed with flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of members.

I’m not sure if I want to become a member. How can I learn more and stay informed?
WIDA offers free email updates based on interest areas. You can request news & updates to receive occasional emails about new resources and/or events, and opportunities to learn more about the program.

Membership and Payment

What’s the difference between individual and institutional membership?
All WIDA for Teacher Education members must be affiliated with an institution of higher education. Individuals may join with or without the consent or payment of their institution. Institutional members belong to the same institution and join as a cohort of colleagues who may decide to explore WIDA for Teacher Education collaboratively. Learn more about what’s included for individual and institutional members on the Membership page.

How do I pay and become a member of WIDA for Teacher Education?
Registration and payment are accepted online via our WIDA for Teacher Education payment portal.

What payment options are available?
WIDA for Teacher Education can only accept credit card payments.

Can I register a group of institutional members all at once?
Yes, please select “Institutional” as your membership type on the first page of the payment portal. The first page of the site will ask for your contact information. Please fill out the first form with YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. This page only indicates that you will be the main contact person for your institution. On subsequent pages, you will have the opportunity to include yourself in the membership group if you wish, or you may list the faculty/instructors who you want to have memberships (if you are signing up on their behalf but not becoming a member yourself).

How will I receive my login credentials after remitting payment?
All members, including individuals and institutional members who may have been enrolled by someone else, will receive an enrollment welcome email containing instructions for them to create a user profile and password for the WIDA for Teacher Education site. Please ask your network administrator to allow emails from and If you are an institutional membership main contact, you may also wish to notify your faculty/instructors that you have enrolled them and they should be watching for this email.

What if my faculty/instructors change during the year of my membership? Can I substitute one member for another or get a refund?
Please contact or call toll free 1-866-276-7735 to request that a current member be deactivated and replaced with a new faculty member/instructor. The new member will have member access for the remainder of the existing subscription. We’re sorry, refunds are not available.

What if I want to add additional members to my institutional membership group?
Please contact or call toll free 1-866-276-7735 to add new members to your institutional membership group at the reduced rate. We’re sorry, it is not possible to refund any portion of your original payments if your group expands to reach a new membership level, but any new members will receive the lower rate.

How will I know when it’s time to renew my membership?
WIDA will notify members via email 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, and 1 week prior to expiration of your membership. This notification will go to all members and the institutional membership main contact (where applicable). Upon expiration, your member account(s) will be deactivated until renewal payment has been processed.