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WIDA for Teacher Education

WIDA for Teacher Education is a membership program for higher education faculty and instructors preparing preservice teachers for culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. Members can access online resources and professional learning opportunities to deepen their understanding of WIDA’s system of standards and assessments and the philosophies and principles that inform our work.

Resources on this site include:

  • introductory readings that describe concepts central to WIDA’s approach and explain components of our standards and assessment system
  • vignettes that highlight the experiences of ELL students and teachers
  • activities that explore aspects of teaching in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms, and the ways in which WIDA resources can be used to understand and support students’ language development, design instruction and assessment, collaborate with colleagues, and advocate for students
  • Videos featuring educators, WIDA leaders and professional learning facilitators, and visiting scholars
  • Annotated bibliographies that include books, articles, videos and WIDA resources to support further exploration

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Login to watch our new Scholar Video featuring Dr. Trish Morita-Mullaney of Purdue University. Click on Further Exploration in the Teaching ELLs section to hear her thoughts on the significance of cultural identity, heritage language preservation, and asset-based curriculum development for language learners.

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